Dog Dates Are the Best Dates

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Our recent dog park posse

I don’t mean dates with other dog people, I mean dates for the dogs.

I have three dogs, I often have the freedom of bringing then to work, and I have a roommate who is often home when I am not. While they act as though I abandon them every time I close the bathroom door, there is very little time when any of the members of my furry horde are truly alone. Despite the inherent companionship of a multi-dog household, I think it’s really important for them to socialize with other dogs and people on a regular basis. We try and go on one or two dog dates a month.

Like you’d schedule playdates for a toddler, I schedule playdates for my dogs. A tired dog is a dog that isn’t eating my couch so these outings are definitely dual-purpose. Wallace, my furry piranha, is the worst offender for couch-ingestion related offences so I usually try to seek out dogs that match his energy level of an anthropomorphic bouncy ball on speed. Amazingly, Wallace’s best friend is a middle-aged polka-dot pitbull named Achilles. Achilles doesn’t really play with other dogs but he will tussle with my little pug for hours. Once Achilles tires of playing tug-of-war with his jowls, he just rests his head on Wallace and gently pins the little guy to the floor. I’m good friends with Achilles' human so we’ll go to the dog park together or let them play in the yard while we go for supper. It’s a great relationship.

We also have friends of the same size. Charlie and Cola are two Boston Terriers and are very similar in personality to Buddy and Molly. My love for these two actually inspired my search for Boston Terriers and the acquisition of Buddy. The decision to go all the way to crazy dog lady was mine alone. The advantage of little dog friends is that all five dogs and two humans fit comfortably in my car for when we do things like getting group dog photos with Santa or go to breed-specific meet-ups. People tend to lump pugs and Bostons into the same category. It must be the charming snorts and being continually covered in hair and dog snot?

Going out with the dogs is relaxing and makes me happy. There’s no point in wearing makeup, it will get licked off anyways. Clean clothes? Nah, muddy footprints get everywhere and I’ve literally been peed on at the dog park. Just shove your hair in a ponytail, grab the leashes and a pocket full of poop bags and you’re ready for an awesome dog date.

*Bonus points if you bring liver treats*

Crazy dog mom, mental health advocate, project manager and writer

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