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He was a stale peanut butter cookie, crumbling under the slightest pressure into a powdery explosion of dusty sugar and bygone dreams. Perhaps once, fresh out of the oven and tender, his spongey texture would have been able to withstand but the ravages of time and a hostile environment had rendered him brittle. If only someone had put him in an air-tight container to protect him from the unrelenting atmosphere that sucked away all his moisture and decadence. Despite it all, still sweet and more than a little nutty.

This cookie was special. It was as if someone had taken the scrapings at the end of every bowl after a long day of baking and dumped them out into a pile. Every cookie jar had its share of nuts and this cookie contained them all. There was too much flour and the flavours didn’t meld very well; one bite was sweet and the other far too salty. The edges of one side were far too crisp and it was underdone in the middle but you could just occasionally get a taste of when everything was just right. Fleeting glimpses of perfection that made you mourn the loss of what could have been a wonderful cookie. Contains all the allergens known to man and tolerable only to a select few.

She was a gingersnap. Sweet and spicy but could be hard as a rock and equally palatable. Just a little warmth would soften her up, but too much and she’d be reduced to the soggy mess lingering at the bottom of your teacup. A simple recipe but one that was deceptively easy to botch. Cooks quickly under high heat and requires close supervision to prevent burning.

To quote my second-favourite blue monster, C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me.

*Grover will be my favourite monster, especially when he is lurking at the end of a book*

Crazy dog mom, mental health advocate, project manager and writer

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